System Info

System Info

System Information

The system info includes information about your Server and your WordPress environment. The system info can be copied and pasted into an email or downloaded as a .txt file that can be attached to the email. This option is important, given that we sometimes need this information to assist you when you experience a bug. You can find your System Info from your WordPress Dashboard’s menu by going to Elementor > System Info 

What Information is Included in the System Information

Server Environment

Operating System: This is the operating system of your server. Common systems are Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS Server, and Darwin (Local by Flywheel)Software: The software used by your server. This is generally nginx or apache for more detailed information about nginx configuration click hereMySQL Version: The current version of MySQL that is used by your systemPHP Version: This indicates the version of php used by the website. Certain versions of php can affect your website, see this article (system requirements)PHP Max Input Vars: This is the maximum number of variables your server can use for a single function to avoid overloads (example: 4000)PHP Max Post Size: Defines the maximum space allowed for post. This may be increased to avoid timeouts (example: 1000M)GD Installed: GD is used for image processing and should be enabled.ZIP Installed: This allows the server to extract and process zip files. It should be enabledWrite Permissions: In order for WordPress and Elementor to work properly, proper write permissions for folders must be enabledElementor Library: This verifies a connection to the library is active to use the Template and Kit libraries.

WordPress Environment

Version: This is the version of WordPress you are currently using.Site URL: The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address visitors use to visit your website.Home URL: This is the address of your homepage. This should be the same as the site URL to avoid conflictsWP Multisite: This indicates whether Multisite has been activated on your installationMax Upload Size: This defines the maximum size of file uploads such as images, videos, plugins and other files.Memory Limit: This refers to the maximum memory allocated to each script in PHP (256M is recommended but 512M may be required if using numerous plugins)Permalink Structure: This displays the type of Permalinks that your website uses. Some custom configurations may cause issues. Learn more about permalink structureLanguage: The default language of your website and editor. The editor language cannot be set differently than the site.Timezone: This is the time zone the website is set at. It does not necessarily reflect the admin locationAdmin Email: This is the default email email that wordpress uses for all admin notificationsDebug Mode: Displays whether mode is set to active or inactive.


Name: The name of the WordPress theme installedVersion: Themes should be kept at the latest versions for the best site healthAuthor: This is the name of individual or company that developed this themeChild Theme: This displays whether the active theme is a child theme of a parent


Role: This displays the current users role (Example: Administrator, Editor)WP Profile lang: This is the preferred theme language of the userUser Agent: This displays the operating system and browser used to access the site. 

Active Plugins

This lists all the currently active plugins. It contains the version and author of the plugin. Keeping each plugin at the latest release is recommended in site health.

Elementor Compatibility Tag

This lists any plugins being used that do not have a declared compatibility with the Elementor core version you have installed. The plugin developer will need to update the plugin to be compatible with Elementor.

Elementor Pro Compatibility Tag

Lists any plugins being used that do not have a declared compatibility with the Elementor Pro version you have installed. The plugin developer will need to update the plugin to be compatible with Elementor Pro.

Elements Usage

This region lists the widgets used by each site part on your website. It does not list the exact page where each is. 

Elementor Experiments

This is a list of all available experiments and whether they are set to active. Some experiments are still in Alpha or Beta phase and may cause issues.


The log will display a list of changes and errors associated with your website. From here you may find errors with plugins or updates. Our support team can evaluate the log and find potential issues.