Affiliate Program FAQ

Affiliate Program FAQ

Thanks for inquiring about our affiliates program!

We’ve put together a list that answers 90% of the questions asked by our affiliates. Take a look and get a quick and easy answer!

Application Process

Q: I would like to be a part of your affiliate program. Where can I sign up? 

A: Head here to sign up for the affiliate program.

Q: I have applied to the program. When will I get an answer?

A: We review each and every application, so there is no need to follow up on your status. Please be patient

Affiliate Tools

Q: Where can I get your awesome images, logos, and banners?

A: Head to your affiliates dashboard and download the marketing kit there.

Q: Where do I get my affiliate link?

A: Head to your affiliates dashboard and use the affiliate link generator for your custom campaigns.

Q: Can I get a coupon to help motivate my crowd to buy Elementor?

A: In order to keep it a fair game amongst the affiliates, we avoid generating coupon codes for affiliates. Moreover, we do not allow affiliates to promote any existing coupons. The only times we do allow is during our official sales.


Q: I made a referral! Can I get paid, please?  

A: You will need to accumulate at least $200 of unpaid referrals in the account in order to cash out. Keep up the work and you’ll get there in no time!

Q: I reached $200! When can I get paid?

A: Payouts occur at the beginning of the month, following the month during which the purchase was cleared (e.g if a purchase was made on January 1st, the affiliate will be paid on March 1st).

If you have any other queries while we take a look at your ticket, visit our

Terms and Conditions – It’s all there!